• The surprise of pregnancy test, looking forward to the arrival of new life

    Infertility ❤️ from Ms. Cai

    Every time a doctor sees my report and when he is old, he always says, “I am still young, with good values, and I have a high chance of being conceived.” But every time we take a look of anticipation, the results are not as expected.

  • Egg donation / Let love continue

    Safe and legal ❤️ not hurt the body

    Because of my rich nutrition, I decided to try donating eggs. After I graduated, I had to go abroad to study for a short period of time but I was working for a small salary.

  • Medical Classroom

    Contemplating egg recipient to open another happy dawn

  • Hundreds of couples pregnant witness! Successfully promoted to prospective parents

    Elderly maternal ❤️ from Mr. and Ms. Lee

    I think the little apple must have been sent by Jesus to live in our lives. She planted a seedling in our life, which is of great significance to me and my wife.

  • 40 years old borrowed eggs successfully pregnant! Screening the best blastocysts for a happy future

    Borrowing eggs ❤ from Ms. Riko

    In my experience of taking eggs more than 30 times and failing treatment, I have known in my heart that my eggs are long gone!

  • Medical Classroom

    Secret of male infertility



For 35 years, Jong Medical Clinic has been committed to providing care for women going through childbirth in Taiwan. But these past 10 years, birth rate has declined as an increasing amount of women have infertility problems due to advanced age, fallopian tube abnormalities, ovulation problems or abnormal sperm production. Hence, we realized the importance of helping women become pregnant in today’s society.

Together with Dr. James Chung’s 35 years of community experience and Dr. Jimmy Chung’s specialized fertility training from National Taiwan University Hospital and Tzu Chi Hospital, we have established Yong He’s first fertility center and international in vitro fertilization lab.

Service World-class physicians, advanced treatments and heartfelt compassion.

  • 2017-04-06
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    Dr. Zhong Ji Xian was invited to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine ASRM

    Dr. Zhong Jixian was invited to participate in the 10/27-11/4 American Reproductive Medicine Annual Meeting (ASRM). ASRM is the highest authority in the field of human reproduction. Its members come from more than 100 countries around the world, and many experts attend the meeting. Its prosperity. This annual meeting, and met with Dr. He Hongneng from National Taiwan University Hospital, this annual meeting will discuss how to use new technology to maintain future fertility, as well as new ideas and new techniques for embryo implantation. The 2017 American Reproductive Medicine Annual Conference also invited Louise Brown, the first test-tube baby in history, to tell her story....

  • 2017-05-04
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    TV show / Dr. Chung participated explain infertility.

    To a well-known television station in Taiwan to participate in the program hosted by TAO,JING-YING "Woman 234" video, for the explanation of the topic of infertility, from the perspective of Western medicine for the treatment of infertility artists and the audience and medical information related.Talk about infertility through talk shows, hoping to make the content available to couples who want to get pregnant! ...

  • 2017-12-13
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    Chinese Health Network / new high-end product detection ultrasonic precision up to 8 percent

    Prenatal examination is very important if you want to give birth to a healthy baby. A 34-year-old pregnant woman in New Taipei City did not make high-level ultrasound when she was pregnant with her first child, but gave birth to a healthy baby successfully. However, at the 28th week of pregnancy, she found that her baby had severe hydrocephalus and both brain cells had contracted , A few days after his death unfortunate death, so that family members quite sad. Dr. Chung Chi-hsien said that the purpose of pregnancy test is to enable all pregnant women to produce healthy babies without endangering their own health. At present, most of the health check-ups listed in the "Manual of Pregnant Women's Health" are contents that the Health Insurance Institute started implementing 20 years ago, and can only grasp the general situation of the fetus. Prenatal examination requires accurate grasp of fetal status Pregnant women during pregnancy, the most important is the timely acceptance of prenatal care. The current National Health Insurance system to pay 2 prenatal ultrasound examination costs, but belong to the basic items of inspection, the main assessment of fetal size, fetal position, amniotic fluid volume and placenta position.  At present, "high-level ultrasound" can conduct detailed examination of the entire body organs and limbs of the fetus so that prospective parents can understand the health status of the fetus at an early stage. If there is any abnormality, they can follow the treatment promptly after birth. Although they need their own expense, but high-level ultrasound examinations like the baby's first general medical examination, can accurately grasp the fetus more detailed health status....

  • 2017-12-18
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    ETtoday.net / high-level ultrasound production baby brain toe structure to see the light!

    Pregnant women in the process of pregnancy, the most important for timely acceptance of prenatal care. Most of the health check-ups listed in the Handbook of Pregnant Women's Manual were made by the Health Insurance Bureau two decades ago and can grasp the general situation of the fetus. With advances in medical science and technology, the "High-Level Ultrasound" childbirth test at its own expense program between 20 and 24 weeks of pregnancy allows us to grasp more detailed health status of the fetus from the brain to the limbs.Dr. Zhong Ji Xian said that the current national health insurance system to pay two prenatal ultrasound examination costs, respectively, in early pregnancy and about 20 weeks of pregnancy, belong to the basic items of inspection, the main assessment of fetal size, fetal position, amniotic fluid volume and placenta position. At 20 to 24 weeks of pregnancy, the baby's organs have developed to some extent. Through the "high-level ultrasound", the fetus can be subjected to whole-body organs. The detailed examination of the structure from the brain to the limbs allows parents to understand the health of the fetus , If any abnormalities can be tracked immediately after birth treatment.Zhong Jixian shows that high-level ultrasound belongs to 2D images and is a traditional ultrasound. 3D reorganizes many 2D images into a stereoscopic image, and some information may be distorted. If the time axis is added, it becomes a 4D ultrasound. Although the fetus can be seen Appearance, whether the appearance of defects such as rabbit lips, but can not tell whether the baby has anomalies within the structure, it is still 2D ultrasound has diagnostic value.High-level ultrasound detection of fetal abnormalities, the accuracy rate of about Bacheng, the main influencing factors are pregnant women body size, amniotic fluid volume, baby posture and number of weeks of pregnancy. Pregnant women too thick layer of fat, amniotic fluid too little or baby's position just to block the site to be checked, may cause blurred images. In addition, the number of weeks of pregnancy is too small, baby organs have not yet developed, the week is too large, the baby is not easy to do in the wig flip action, so 20 to 24 weeks of pregnancy is the best time to check. In particular, have produced abnormal fetal exposure to teratogenic drugs or long-term exposure to radiation in pregnant women, are recommended to accept high-level ultrasound examination....

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  • 2018-10-19
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    TV show / rich disease burning money can not afford? Daily preventive health care treatment

    While talking about food and health.A responsible doctor is to teach the right medical knowledge to those guests!Help those who are jealous to stop on the road.Combine fresh ingredients to create delicious dishes with medical issues! Really happy!The seriousness of the disease has become a chronic or major disease, which has gradually extended enormous medical expenses. In the face of such a "rich disease" that is so expensive, most people can't afford it.It is more important to avoid the disease and find it. You must start your health prevention from the daily routine! ...

  • 2019-02-21
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