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Infertility.from Ms. Cai

2018-05-18 15:50:38

I am a patient with polycystic ovary, and I am actively preparing for pregnancy after getting married, from a maternity clinic,

Chinese medicine clinics, to Taian Hospital and Taipei Medical University Hospital have more than half a year of medical records,

Every time a doctor sees my report and his age, he always says: "The cockroach is still young, the value is very good, and the chance of conception is high."

But every time we hold a heart of expectation, it is not as good as expected.

Last November, after a friend’s introduction, Dr. Zhong Jixian, Dr. Zhong’s professional knowledge and cordial attitude,

At the beginning of this year, we started the first test session, starting with an ovulation needle and taking eggs and implants.

It seems simple in the course of treatment, but the situation that everyone encounters is different, because I am a high risk group of excessive ovarian stimulation.

Severe symptoms lead to electrolyte imbalance and stay in hospital for a week.

Although there were some episodes in the process, the result was sweet because I was finally pregnant!

Thank you, Dr. Zhong and my sister and professional medical team, because you gave us the opportunity to be a parent.

And we are also studying hard and looking forward to the arrival of new life.

2018.5.15 33y Ms. Cai

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