Successful Case

Egg donation.There are many people in the world who cannot suffer because of pregnancy.

2018-12-20 15:31:17

Hello, everyone! I am 22 years old, and on October 10, 107, I did something right. I donated the egg to the couple I need and she is pregnant!

On October 10th, I received a handwritten letter at the end of the treatment. The temperature leaked from the letter was very real and warm. Unlike the usual text on the mobile phone, I tried to read the two while I was translating. A4 paper, after reading her handwritten letter, I can't help but cry (maybe I am very emotional, haha).

In the letter, she told me that because she was old, she couldn't rely on her own pregnancy. The only 10-year-old son who went to heaven on the day of the accident many years ago, because her husband's relationship must have a child to explain, she often cries and blames at night. I haven't been able to let go for many years. I tried all the methods I tried, but they all ended in failure. When she knew that she could be pregnant by borrowing eggs, she let her cheer up and ignite the last hope. She thanked me for meeting such a kind and selfless girl.

Before she borrowed the eggs, she worked hard eight times and eventually failed. I thought that if I changed my body and my body was psychologically tortured, I would give up the second time. Until the local doctor and her Taiwan can borrow eggs to go to the ocean here, the process of seeking help without language is nowhere, encounter some bad doctors, but all the bitterness she can only swallow her own, because no matter what I don't want to let go of the idea that he wants to get pregnant. I think this is the greatness of maternal love. I am willing to pay all the price for pregnancy.

I was in class at noon one day, and I received a phone call from the hospital to tell me that I was ready to enter the treatment. The lady told me unexpectedly that she did not have much hope in the original. Just find a girl who is willing to donate eggs. Even blood type, race, and education do not care. As long as she is healthy, she only hopes that the children in the future will also be Healthy, can watch your child's health and health, grow up bit by bit, is the most proud thing for my mother! However, within a month and a half, I appeared. After she heard the good news, she cried at home. Thank you, God bless!

She found the right hospital, the right doctor, the right kind girl, and let her fall in love with twins once. She would like to thank me and hug me in person, because I have the help of my doctor, let him go smoothly on this road, and not suffer too much, but because of the legal relationship, we can't know each other's identity. I can't meet, so he can only tell me through her letter that she is full of gratitude and gratitude.

After accepting her letter and chicken, I also decided to write a letter to her. I have rewritten a lot of letters (words are too ugly) without writing a letter for a long time. I told her that my physical condition is very good and there is nothing uncomfortable. She doesn't have to worry, I may be young and ignorant at the age of 22. I have always had a very good relationship with my mother. I can't understand that she thinks she is embarrassed, and because she let me know that my mother is so great, I have to cherish my family. Good for my family.

I am 22 years old this year, and on October 10, 107, I did something right!

I thought it was easy to get pregnant in the past 22 years, but I didn’t know it until I knew it. In fact, there are many people in the world who are unable to get pregnant. If you have this idea, you may wish to press and share, so that more people in need can get it. Help, or someone who is hitting the wall on the road to getting help.

❤️ Help more people who want to get pregnant.
❤️ Donate eggs once to help a family.
❤️ I am a girl, I understand the feeling of being a mother.
❤️ A little heart is their great gratitude.