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Sperm donation.From Mr. Lee

2018-04-13 17:34:55

The would know there was a sperm donation. I have a friend who works in a fertility clinic. At first, just a group of friends to eat to talk about work, my friend also casually joked that you can consider the conditions of sperm donation. When I went back, I was so curious about how to donate. So I went online and looked up the information, and then I called for counseling after the star Pregnancy and Reproductive medicine center on the top of GOOGLE.

According to the appointment time, the officers in the room took me to the clinic and asked me to fill in the information and carefully informed me of the process of donation and the legal matters. After listening to feel that their sperm can help infertile couples feel very incredible, so after hearing that there is nothing wrong under the letter of consent.

The hospital has taken my blood test, then took me to the urine and extract sperm. are very simple inspection process, will not take too much time, and then go back to wait for the notification, the entire completion of the donation total 6 Month,6 month period only went to the star pregnancy 2-3 time, and finally successfully get the nutrition gold of the sperm donation 8000 .

In addition to the process of picking the essence of some tension outside the other processes are very fast and smooth, interpretation is also very professional, after all, a layman is really do not understand what the law of things.

After the donation I also have recommended other friends can go to understand, although everyone scold me crazy, their children run to where, or suddenly halfway to recognize dad how to do??

But it is confirmed that Taiwan has relative laws and regulations, will not release the data of the donor, and even if it is my sperm, can make a family successful pregnancy that is their children ah, I know there is still a lot of controversy, but I think is the mentality of the problem.

Can do love on the one hand and can test their physical condition is really good. If you are interested in having to go to the Star Pregnancy and Reproductive Medicine center, you can also ask people online one by one to answer your question, if you want to find a professional and can be trusted to donate sperm center I will recommend star pregnancy.

2017.04.20  Mr.Lee