Successful Case

Egg donation.because my hands-on labor complete a family

2017-12-25 10:07:03

Because of the rich nutrition, so I decided to try to donate eggs, After graduation, I had to go abroad to study for a short time, but my salary at work was really too little.

After my classmate gave me a donation, he told me: "The egg donation is to use our eggs to help infertile women with fertility and nutrition." 」

this thing for me to help others, although a bit afraid, but because my classmate told me afterwards not uncomfortable, so decided to choose to her to go to the Star Pregnancy Reproductive Medicine Heart .

The session is two weeks, but not every day! Even if you go, you only have to. ( min () Skip School Leave ), the nurse and the Doctor are also very humorous and kind, sure enough the original fear is the worry
Finally also received enough nutrition to go abroad, part of the saved up, such a little help to the couple, too happy!

If you want to help infertile couples,