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Time bomb can not be ignored "Ectopic pregnancy"

2018-02-01 09:42:19

A-Year-old Miss Chen, because the stomach pain pale white ran to us, because the blood pressure is too low and shock, with ultrasound examination, only to find that the body has been a large number of bleeding, Doctor Chung diagnosed is " Sub-ectopic pregnancy, also found that the embryo formed, and has a heartbeat, and finally we emergency laparoscopic surgery!

Because this news, let everybody also notice "the child Ectopic pregnancy" is an apt to be neglected not time bomb.

What is a child ectopic pregnancy?

Normal pregnancy

1. Approximately tens of millions of sperm enter the vagina, through the cervix to the uterus of spermto calculated. 

2. The sperm will move toward the left or right toward the fallopian tube, and the number of sperm passing through the uterine tubal joint remains one out of 10,000. 

3. sperm continues to advance to the second half of the fallopian tube and meets the egg. 

4. after ovulation, sperm will surround the egg through the fallopian tube, melting the egg transparent band to complete fertilization. 

5. After fertilization, the fertilized egg will continue to divide the cells into the uterus

Ectopic pregnancy

In other words, if implantation and development of embryos outside the uterine cavity , known as Child Ectopic Pregnancy , medical name is ectopic pregnancy.

Symptoms of child ectopic pregnancy

the symptoms of a child ectopic pregnancy are divided into early symptoms and later symptoms, in after menstruation 6 to 8 Week most often when you find menstruation continues without reporting , and appears lower abdominal pain or pain , you can first through the urine or blood test is pregnant, if the determination of pregnancy, can go to the hospital for further examination, can generally find the embryo location through ultrasound, if the uterus has been unable to find an embryo, usually very likely to be a child ectopic pregnancy; In addition, if the belly appears Pain , Point Bleed or Abnormal Bleeding the symptoms of the may also be symptomatic of an ectopic pregnancy. 

Probability of ectopic pregnancy

according to the data, people , there are 1 people because of the relationship between the ectopic pregnancy to the hospital, and most of the people in attendance because of abnormal pain. and early found to be able to keep the fallopian tube , but if too late found also may be because of excessive blood loss may lead to death, so as long as the detection of the above symptoms, it is best to check carefully! 


If you have a habit of drinking and smoking, be advised to quit and maintain a normal routine to improve your immune system. Special attention should be paid to the phenomenon of vaginal inflammation, do not buy their own medicine to take, because these drugs without a doctor to open and symptoms do not cure , you may think that the treatment of good inflammation, but in fact there is no radical cure, once accumulated for a long time, it will recur, The probability of a child ectopic pregnancy is also significantly higher

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