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Implantation failure! Listen to what the doctor says

2018-01-15 11:18:31

The criteria for repeated implantation failures have changed in recent years as a result of the popularization of embryo implantation and blastocyst culture techniques, more researchers in the 2016 year have proposed a standard: Age less than year-old Female implanted >3 times or more than 4 embryos still fail to get pregnant successfully is called repeated implantation failure. 

Repeated implants fail ( RIF ) refers to the infertility couples repeatedly carried out IVF embryos after the implantation is still unable to conceive. the two main causes of the RIF are the embryo and the endometrium, which are like seeds and soil, and good seeds germinate without fertile soil, and the same poor soil can affect the germination of seeds.

Embryo factors

The current widely used embryo morphological score, although convenient and practical, and embryo scoring and implantation rate has a certain degree of correlation, but not fully represent the quality of embryos and implantation development potential. The so-called high " yan value " not high " potential " .

Improvement methods

1 , blastocyst Culture: blastocyst culture is beneficial to the screening of good embryos with potential strands, many patients with high score embryos can consider blastocyst culture for further screening of embryos. 

2 , preimplantation gene screening (PGS) : PGS The can screen all chromosomal abnormalities and ensure that the uterus is implanted with a normal chromosomal embryo. Preimplantation genetic screening techniques can improve the clinical pregnancy rate of infertility, reduce the risk of early miscarriage, and reduce the birth defect rate. 

3, adjust ovulation drug injection program: poor embryo quality and egg quality is closely related. Egg mass is associated with age, body mass index, ovaries, or some other factors.

4 , auxiliary measures: embryo gel use, lifestyle adjustment, etc. 

Uterine factors

1 , uterine abnormalities: uterine abnormalities caused by repeated transplantation failure, you can consider the use of hysteroscopy surgery to remove various adverse effects. 

2, endometrial: female throughout the menstrual cycle, endometrial only in a short period of 1~2 The ability of an embryo to be implanted within a day can be known as endometrial receptivity.

Other methods

The antioxidant supplements can improve the quality of the eggs and increase intimal receptivity. Commonly used coenzyme Q10, vitamins E, vitamins C are all good choices. 

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