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Do not do "gold left woman", pre-frozen tomorrow's happiness.

2017-12-28 05:09:25

Are you in the ascendant now?
How many good eggs do you have left?
You found that. mr.tight ?
Is your ovarian function declining?
Why not in the best age of your body, leave a precious little gift for yourself before you are ready to get married and have children?

The status of women in Taiwan

With the improvement of economic development, women's independent consciousness rise, the pursuit of career lead to the age of childbearing gradually postponed.

2010 The survey data for the year shows that the average age of marriage is from To Year's years old to years old, female average childbearing age also from To Year's Age to years old, late marriage and late childbirth, and "gold leftover" more and more. 

Why did you freeze the eggs?

Scientists study found that women to has consumed approximately at the age of 90% Egg stock, although 30-40 A-Year-old woman can also have ovulation, but the egg stock is already running out and the quality of the eggs has declined, which is not conducive to healthy babies. Now frozen eggs for their own future storage a choice, the real grasp of the freedom of life.

35-year-old siren 

girls have a date when they are born the million eggs; million eggs; when menopause stops, there's only one left . 1000 the inside of A; At this rate, the average female loses a daily of to the 1000 an egg. 

Generally speaking, women expel one egg per month, and their life is only discharged to The egg, in other words, nearly 7 million other eggs all self-destruct. 

In the statistics of medical research, after the age of, both the quantity and quality of the eggs began to drop sharply, and the chromosome abnormality rate increased linearly. 

40after years old, only the Gros the egg of the. Reproductive medicine expert Zhongji said that the best time to freeze an egg before the year years old, at this age frozen egg fertility rate can reach the 80% . 

They're freezing the eggs too.

How are the eggs frozen?

now the international most commonly used frozen egg method is the vitrification of frozen technology, mainly rely on the glass characteristics of molten liquid, directly to the egg into the frozen protective agent and liquid nitrogen, in the -196℃ the liquid nitrogen in the holds the cell in the glass state, which preserves the egg . 199 year or longer. Frozen eggs prevent the egg from following the aging of the body, and when you want to have a baby, remove the egg and defrost it. 

Frozen Egg Advantage

according to the report of the people, estimate 2016 number of frozen eggs in Taiwan per year 2015 Yearly Increase 3 times, and there is a trend of rejuvenation. At present, the maximum age of the living after thawing is Max years old, the technology of frozen egg in Taiwan has reached the international level, and the cost is far lower than the United States, Japan and other countries, do not have to fly all the way abroad to enjoy the same level of technology. 

Frozen Egg Specialist -  Dr.Chung 

Frozen Egg process

frozen egg Q&A 

Q : Does the process of egg fetching hurt?
A: No pain, because the state of anesthesia to take eggs.

Q : Does the frozen egg thaw and the normal egg differ?
A: The eggs are thawed, and if they are thawed they are normal eggs.

Q : Are there differences in physical and mental health between frozen egg-born children and normal-born children?
A: no difference at all.

Q : Will ovulation drugs lead to the ovaries?
A: Basically the artificial way to inject or take medicine does not occur early menopause, the number of eggs in the ovary is in the mother's belly has been decided. usually a normal woman will have a life like "" million eggs, after menstruation begins, each cycle will have a 7 to Ten the egg is stimulated, but only in the end . 1 the egg Matures and is released, other immature eggs will shrink on their own, and we can see them as running eggs, so we use ovulation pills or ovulation needles to provide enough hormones to grow up with the eggs that were supposed to shrink, so we could take them out, Does not change the original egg consumption, so ovulation stimulation does not advance the time of menopause. 

Q : Time to freeze eggs?
A: In freezing eggs, because each person's age is different, egg inventory pointers are not the same, so each course can be stored in the eggs are different from individual, in the stimulation of egg follicles will be in accordance with each person's response to ovulation drugs and a number of follicular output, in principle, the younger, AMH ( anti-Mueller hormone ) The higher the, the more eggs are stored. % The average woman under the age of one of the eggs during the first period of the course of the egg-removing 10~20 eggs, but a woman over the age of who has a decline in ovarian function, usually only one session can be taken to 5 the egg that is around the, of course, can also choose to save more than a few times to collect more eggs for future use. The dosage of the drug to be used for egg storage is related to the age of stimulation, the younger women, the better the ovarian condition, the need for the drug dosage and the number of days to stimulate the lower, the less cost, as for the rate of pregnancy will also be based on the age of the eggs, the younger the eggs, the higher the pregnancy rate. Therefore, the time to freeze eggs, the younger the better.

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