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Baby do not leave me!Relationship between habitual abortion and PGS.

2017-11-28 09:46:20


Spontaneous abortion

According to the foreign medical statistics, natural pregnancy up to $number Abort ( 4 There is one in the bit. This high incidence is also more than you can imagine. Women who had repeated three spontaneous abortions were advised to check, but now there are two natural abortion experiences that need to be examined.

Habitual abortion

The most sad thing about letting expectant parents down during pregnancy is abortion, among them, if there were more than two abortions experience more than 14 weeks ago, recurrent pregnancy loss. Most of the causes of habitual abortion are unknown, and may be due to abnormal embryo and natural elimination. Other common causes are chromosomal abnormalities, immune disorders, or abnormal uterine abnormalities, so we suggest that couples should be examined together.

You don't actually have to do this

the highest halls of reproductive medicine - American Conference on Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) has published a proposal for "habitual abortion." It refers to a large space of "can Do" and "not Do" check:

Can do the check

1. chromosome check.

2. uterine oviduct photography or uterine endoscopy

3. Other: diabetes, thyroid abnormalities, prolactin abnormalities

4. anti-phospholipid antibody syndrome: lupus anticoagulant, Anti-cardiolipin Igg/igm, Anti-β2-glycoprotein Igg/igm

Not a check.

1. Anti-nuclear antibody, anti-thyroid antibody, blood cd16-nk Cell

2. cervical atresia not fully screened

Finding the cause of habitual miscarriage and the right remedy is the primary key to solving the problem:

chromosome abnormalities: IVF (IVF) + PGS

Diabetes: Treatment under the supervision of a specialist.

abnormal thyroid function: Under the supervision of specialist physicians.

Abnormal secretion of prolactin: take the hormone to reduce prolactin and follow up regularly.

Anti-phospholipid antibody disease: Low doses of aspirin, low molecular weight heparin used.

to increase the rate of pregnancy PGS

PGS techniques are primarily aimed at detecting chromosomal abnormalities, many of which have been proven to be helpful to couples with the following:

1. Increase the implantation rate of fertilized eggs

2. reduce repeat implantation

3. Increasing live births, nurturing healthy life

4. reduce miscarriage rate, reduce physical and mental injury

5. Reducing multiple pregnancies, reducing mother-child risk

PGS Applicable Communities

1 , older couples ( To older than)

2 , repeated spontaneous abortions ( ≥2 times)

3 , repeated implants failed ( ≥2 times)

4 , chromosome exceptions

5 , male sperm quality difference

6 , unexplained infertility

7 , want to improve IVF couples with success rates]


in IVF sessions, through PGS The detected embryos were implanted and the pregnancy rate increased dramatically. The following figure is grouped by age, with a pregnancy rate data map for PGS detection and no PGS detection. (2013.7-2015.12)


Q : I had a pregnancy test at home, but I didn't have it in a few days.

A : This situation occurs during the first trimester of spontaneous abortion.

Q : Why do I have a habitual miscarriage problem?

A : Most are related to chromosomal abnormalities in embryos, which also have a great relationship with women's age.

Q : Why do we have chromosomal abnormalities?

A : The average person suffers from a lower probability of chromosomal abnormalities than 1 %, and most patients are not able to judge from their appearance, and they need to be examined to know.

Q : Will the embryo state be affected by the steps of the detection?

A : No, after the embryo is cultured into a blastocyst, only the cells of the nutrient layer are taken, and the embryo is safely frozen, and the state of the embryo is not affected by the detection operation.

Q : What is the difference between chromosome detection and chromosome amniotic fluid microarray before embryo implantation ? ?

A : Preimplantation Chromosome detection is aimed at the artificial reproduction of embryos before the implantation of chromosome abnormalities before the detection; Ten more than weeks of detection, mainly for chromosome abnormalities in the genetic disease detection, different time points, detection range is different.

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