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"Uterine fibroids," repugnay network has been crazy for a long time

2017-11-22 09:45:34
according to statistics, km women older than each 4 a person has a uterine fibroids; women older than each Ten There are seven individuals with uterine fibroids, uterine fibroids are very common, but fortunately most of the benign will not harm. 

Here's a quiz:
● Menstrual pain
● Frequent urination, constipation
● Abnormal bleeding
● secretions increased
● Infertility or miscarriage

How many of these five symptoms do you have? If there are more than two, there may be uterine fibroids.
Ultrasound can be used to check for long fibroids and where.

Type of uterine fibroids

● on the surface of the uterus, small does not affect the conception.
● in the muscle layer, affecting the uterine cavity will cause infertility.
● in the uterine mucosa, protruding uterine cavity, will hinder conception.

If long under the cervix or fallopian tube, uterine cavity inside, can block oviduct or sperm can't swim into the uterus.

If it's on the surface of the uterus, that's generally not a hindrance.
If long in the muscle layer and cause uterine blood flow or affect the function of the membrane, will affect the embryo implantation, or let many people menstrual too much, this will easily infertility or easy abortion.

Doctor Zhong's Intimate reminder:
Uterine fibroids cause infertility, position than size important, and have a child myoma is not equal to infertility.
But Doctor Zhong, how should I treat uterine fibroids?

Drug therapy

Many people are not serious, and using medication to control the size of fibroids is also a way.
But there are a few side effects to the current treatment of uterine fibroids, to Lyubelin (Lupron) The symptoms of menopause may occur after the drug is discontinued; Grace Membrane (Esmya) the causes irregular menstruation. 

Surgical treatment

uterine fibroids cause infertility Some people need surgery, some people can be placed, but if the uterine fibroids caused by infertility, after excision or removal of surgery, two years after surgery according to clinical data: pregnancy rate increased 25%-50% .

Uterine fibroids in the early stage and not too obvious symptoms, usually need to grow to a certain extent to feel. A regular gynecological examination every year, in order to early detection, early treatment.
The position and size of each person's myoma is different, so no matter what kind of medicine or surgical treatment, it must be evaluated by a professional physician in order to understand the cause and prescribe the right remedy.

The real case
Taipei City years old girls have volume 9 cm of fibroids, and long in the muscle layer, has seriously affected the uterine cavity, Bell doctor advised her to be in the course of pregnancy through surgery to remove the myoma, after the operation of her uterus restored and underwent a implantation ( implanted 2 blastocyst ) , now a child's mother. 

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