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Artificial conception - primary treatment of infertility

2017-11-22 09:04:12

Author: Dr. Chung

What exactly is artificial insemination??

Everyone may only know that this is the way to help increase the rate of pregnancy when there is no success in pregnancy, and the cost of artificial insemination is much cheaper than that of IVF, but what is the difference between artificial insemination and IVF? ? now let's explore it slowly.

Artificial insemination has a long history of technology, from 1900 Some people have been using it since the beginning of the year, but at that time the main purpose of the technology was to help animals conceive, so that domesticated domestic animals could reproduce without mating, and the efficiency of artificial insemination was much higher than that of natural reproduction. Time is approximately to the 1940 era before someone put this technology into the human body, the success rate is certainly higher than the natural pregnancy.

Artificial insemination is the way to under years of age, some causes of infertility are quite effective. Through the use of ovulation drugs or ovulation needles, can increase the number of ovulation and effect, in addition, can also be washed through the sperm and enhance the total power and concentration of sperm insect. The above two ways are through the creation of multiple eggs and more sperm, the more eggs and more of the semen is equal to the higher the pregnancy rate. In addition, the sperm directly injected into the uterine cavity can reduce the sperm need to move the distance, reduce sperm in the vagina and cervix of the death rate, increase the number of sperm when the eggs are available.

you know, the process of combining sperm and egg successfully into a fertilized egg is like the Normandy landing of the two World War, with millions of times times the " energy" is the only way to accomplish this feat.

The sperm-fighting force will surround the egg first with an enzyme weapon that dissolves and passes through the egg shell. But when the enzyme was exhausted, the sperm died instantly. As a result, the egg is usually surrounded by many dead and wounded sperm, and a large number of sperm only one lucky sperm will step on the body of the companions walk through the egg shell and climb in. When the sperm enters the egg, the egg directly seals the door through the sperm. 

In short, with these advantages, artificial fertilization can be without invasive treatment of the situation, increase the probability of pregnancy, but if it is fallopian tube, ovarian failure, severe semen abnormalities, or severe endometriosis may not apply.

Which patients are not suitable for artificial insemination?

Tubal impassability:

Because the sperm eventually to the end of the fallopian tube to meet the egg, so if the fallopian tube, I am afraid even the opportunity to meet is not, so the fallopian tube is to do artificial insemination absolute taboo.

Ovarian failure:

for Artificial insemination, the age of women is a very significant factor, artificial insemination for the patients over the age of the treatment effect is very bad, pregnancy rate is usually only the remaining Gros around. Similarly, for women who are young but have premature ovarian failure, such as AMH is lower, or the next day FSH is relatively high, the pregnancy rate is also low, So poor ovarian function is not recommended for artificial insemination.

Severe semen abnormalities.:

Artificial insemination to succeed, not enough vitality sperm, if the semen test found that the number of sperm and activity is too low, the failure rate of artificial insemination will be significantly increased. In general, fertilization to be successful, at least need about a million dynamic sperm, if the test results show insufficient, or will recommend regression IVF . (IVF) the pregnancy rate will be high only when the sperm is injected into the ICSI , which can be fertilized directly in vitro.

Severe endometriosis:

If there is endometriosis situation in the body will release inflammation signal, and then affect ovarian ovulation, sperm fertilization and embryo implantation, long-term down even cause pelvic cavity adhesion, resulting in fallopian tube. Therefore, if there is a serious endometriosis, IVF to allow the embryo in the environment without inflammation of fertilization, growth, until mature enough in the transplanted back to the uterine cavity, so can significantly increase fertilization rate, implantation rate and pregnancy rate.

In addition to the above taboo, basically artificial fertilization can be attempted. Whether ovulation disorders, cervical factors, mild sperm abnormalities, mild endometriosis, and even unexplained infertility, can be considered artificial insemination as the first line of treatment options, and can try up to two or three sessions.

then Come down and we'll take a little look at the steps of artificial insemination

  1. First use ovulation drugs or ovulation needles to stimulate the ovaries of a number of follicular growth, a row more than one egg can also increase the chances of pregnancy.
  2. The ultrasonic tracking of the size of the follicles.
  3. When the follicle is ripe, the date and time of arranging semen implantation.
  4. generally speaking, a reproductive center allows the patient to choose to extract the sperm at home or to take it in the center of the room. But you need to abstain before you extract. At least 3 to 5 days to ensure that the number of sperm bugs is not too small.
  5. After the semen is obtained, the semen will undergo a washing process called sperm washing or sperm processing. Sperm are separated from semen and condensed in volume. At this point, not moving or poor activity of the sperm will be washed away, leaving the elite team. The whole process takes about an hour or so.
  6. When sperm is implanted, it uses a duck mouth to open the vagina and cleans the vagina and cervix.
  7. Using a sterile small tube, the direct injection washing separated good high power sperm worm fluid to experience the uterine cavity.
  8. The whole process was almost as much as a Pap smear, painless and fast.
  9. Most clinics allow the implant to lie there for a few minutes before leaving.

The success rate of artificial insemination

for a km years old female, sperm worm normal husband and wife, each of the artificial insemination about have 15% pregnancy rate, Super 3 the success rate will decline, older than the rate of pregnancy also declines when you are old. Therefore, artificial insemination for more than 3 times is not pregnant, or older than year years old, or ovarian inventory low, it is recommended to the test tube treatment. This is like going to a certain cram school, for three consecutive years did not get the ideal results, should also consider whether it is time to transfer the bar?

Time is money.

It is very important to catch time when you are pregnant. In the absence of fertilization, the egg can only survive at most hours, if the time has not been fertilized by sperm, the egg will atrophy. Therefore, during artificial insemination, the time of sperm implantation usually occurs hours before the egg is discharged or when ovulation occurs. In order to be able to make the sperm worm more efficient work, the routine will use the broken egg needle to assist the eggs. This is a bit like a date before the restaurant set up, time to knock well, will not let her girlfriend at the door waiting for too long, the female friend how patient, and so on hours did not see people, of course, turned to leave!

The risk of artificial insemination

The risk of artificial fertilization is very low, generally speaking, the most serious is in the fallopian tube or uterus infection phenomenon, but as long as the process of attention to clean, aseptic, the probability of infection will almost zero.


Artificial insemination is a relatively inexpensive, simple, non-invasive and can improve the pregnancy rate under the existing conditions of a treatment, in addition to some of the relative and absolute taboo, basically can be used in most of the infertility above. However, this treatment is not recommended to do, if you try three times after still no news, should consider converting into a test tube treatment, will not delay the pregnancy plan.

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